For the first time, I spoke at the “PHP Saturday” meetup held by Ciklum back in 2011. Then I just started getting acquainted with MODX, and it was enjoyable not only to learn about the system itself but also to share knowledge with the community.

One way or another, my performances have always been connected with MODX. There was and is documentation on working with the system, there are already plenty of video lessons, but the system provides so many freedoms that there is not enough information on how to do it right. Speaking at meetups and conferences, as well as host such events, I tried to eliminate the lack of such information.

By the way, all videos from all MODX events in Belarus (not just mine) you can find on the MODX Belarus youtube channel.

28 March 2019, MODX Meetup Amsterdam

I tell the international community my thoughts about the present and future MODX and what can and should be done to overcome the current situation of stagnation.

30 July 2018, MODX Meetup Minsk 2018

After a very active year of participation in the development of the 3rd version of MODX, I tell what a newly added features are and how things are with the development of the latest version as a whole.

10 November 2017, MODXpo 2017

I explain that participating in open source is not only writing code, but also a lot of other important work that is not directly related to programming, and I show how you can help the project.

28 April 2017, MODX Meetup Kazakhstan

I talk about the possibilities of MODX development in PHPStorm by packing the source code of the site in one or more transport packages and installing the resulting packages through my own repository.

18 January 2016, The art of organizing events

I talk about my experience in organizing meetups and which rules I usually follow. The only non-technical speech that I had the opportunity to make.

18 December 2015, MODX Meetup Minsk 2015

I talk about the Gitify tool, how to use it, and situations in which it can be very helpful. Practical examples are also presented.

20 November 2015, MODXpo 2015

I tell the European audience about the achievements of the Russian-speaking MODX community, in particular, about the first thriving add-on market for MODX and the ecosystem built around miniShop2, the fundamental component for online stores.

28 November 2014, MODX Meetup Minsk 2014

I talk about how to move sites on MODX from one hosting to another using the Teleport tool.

12 August 2011, PHP Saturday at Ciklum

Telling the community about what CMS MODX is all about and what features this system provides.