Visited places

Dukora and the upside-down house in April 2019
At the weekend we decided to go somewhere with the child and decided to go to the village Dukora, which is not far from Minsk. This is one of several famous estates in the vicinity of Minsk. At the entrance, there is a restored gateway, inside which there are a cash register and a souvenir shop.
Amsterdam and a trip to the conference in March 2019
In March, I was invited to speak at the MODX rally in Amsterdam. He threw things in his backpack and drove off. The trip was not the easiest, five flights in 3 days! The trip was purely working, I prepared a report along the way, mounted a podcast, and did other routine things, so there wasn’t much time around to look.
Druskininkai and Anastas Cesnulis Park in March 2019
In mid-March, we decided to organize a weekend tour and go to a water park in Druskininkai, Lithuania. I was on vacation, so I chose a weekday for the trip to avoid queues at the border, which happen regularly. The weather was not the most pleasant, with slight nasty rain, but the sun sometimes still glanced, and we managed to walk a little in the neighborhood.