Dukora and the upside-down house

Published , visited 13 April 2019

At the weekend we decided to go somewhere with the child and decided to go to the village Dukora, which is not far from Minsk.

This is one of several famous estates in the vicinity of Minsk. At the entrance, there is a restored gateway, inside which there are a cash register and a souvenir shop. You can go up to the very top, though there’s nothing to look at from above.

Entrance Gate – Dukor Manor

Ticket costs 8 rubles per adult, children under 10 years free of charge. Also, you can pay by card.

This estate is known primarily for its upside-down house. Look, here it.

Upside down house in Dukora

Inside is not very interesting in terms of decoration, the house is quite simple, except that everything is upside down.

Upside down house in Dukora

However, the vestibular apparatus suffers greatly from a misunderstanding when you walk around the house inside. The schoolchildren who were running there, after a couple of minutes felt really bad.

To sum up, it was a bit boring to be impressed. There were several activities around but apparently, it was not the season yet, so everything is just like in spring, only started to grow and blossom.

On the way out, we noticed such an interesting installation that marks a designated smoking area.

Smoking area mark in Dukora