Amsterdam and a trip to the conference

Published , visited 29 March 2019

In March, I was invited to speak at the MODX rally in Amsterdam.

View of the station square of Amsterdam

He threw things in his backpack and drove off. The trip was not the easiest, ** five ** flights in 3 days!

Channels in Amsterdam

The trip was purely working, I prepared a report along the way, mounted a podcast, and did other routine things, so there wasn’t much time around to look.

Amsterdam Sea Canal

The hotel and the venue were next to each other and right next to the central station. So, I didn’t have to go very much. Also, I’ve already seen everything that was nearby before, during my past trips.

But here are a couple of photos from the venue of the meeting, which was high and the view was excellent.

Amsterdam from the height – North Amsterdam from the height – Center

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