Hi! My name is Ivan. I work as a PHP developer at different companies last six years. At now I am a free developer-entrepreneur enthusiastic of MODX. I am MODX Ambassador in Belarus and in my spare time I am doing the project MODX Belarus and help to other developers and users to work succesfully with this great CMS.

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Results and Facts - 2014

I saw format in blog of Artem Sapegin. So, some of the facts, events and achievements in 2014:

— Studied DocPad generator and create my website in two languages on it, simultaneously sending a couple of pull requests to DocPad.

— Leave a warm place at Onliner.by and went to do own business, what I do now. Not everything went as seen in the beginning, but full of bumps added experience and new ideas only increased. I think it is an invaluable experience and everyone should at least try.

The first blog entry

Good day, dear users.

I want to start a blog by this post.

To begin with I would like to tell you what I want to write to your blog and why I do not use ready-made services like LiveJournal and others. And also to tell for whom I write what I write and how often I will write in my blog.

Developing an Extras in MODx: configuring of the environment

Some days ago I did have some free minutes and I started develop a new Extra for MODx Revolution. Results you will see later. But now I talk as about I configured my development environment for the comfortable developing and for simple assembly and deploying packages for MODx.